I'm looking to create a 3D environment for an escape-the-room game that I'm making with Flash. I'm hoping I'll be able to do it with the 3D features of Adobe Illustrator but am unsure.
I need to be able to move the view-point angle in the pictures to take the screenshots from different perspectives. So ideally I'd like to make an entire room model which I can move the "camera" around at my will to position it for taking screenshots, not for gameplay. I'll just be using importing the image screenshots into Flash, so after the game is made the 3D environment will be redundant.
If my meaning is unclear, the equivalent in reality would be me making a model of a room, by building shelves, wardrobe, etc, then afterwards I'd take my camera and take pictures at the angles I want, then I'd scrap the model.

Is Adobe Illustrator capable of this? Or could you recommend a better (preferably easy to learn, if there even are any quality easy ones) 3D modelling alternative? The main requirement is the ability to make a scene with the ability to freely move around the perspective.

Many thanks.

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Hm, right off the bat, I'd suggest Blender, it takes a while getting used to, but it will get your job done. Best of all is it's free and have many of the functions the expensive software 3D Studio Max has. Then there's GMax, also free.
They all have extensive resources at your disposal.

I'd recommend Blender though.

Good luck!

Thanks for the response! I actually have been trying Blender, found it shortly after posting the thread, and although it's a bit of a steep learning curve, it looks like just what I want.
If I get into it more I'll have a look at 3D Studio Max and GMax, cheers!

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