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Any thoughts on why this code runs slow on device but fast on simulator in iphone, I am making a game in cocos2d, and I am moving an object from one place to another , throught CCTouchBegan , CCTouchMoved, CCTouchEneded (ccp function) and after that I take the action on it,

can any buddy tell me what is the main issue to solve this problem,

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I believe the Simulator does not limit the specs it can use. Therefore if you have a 2 GHz processor it will use 2 GHz, when the iPhone only has 1 GHz. The processor is among other things you computer might have advantages in, like RAM and Graphics Power. However, I am only 90% sure so correct me if I am wrong.


The Iphone has more going on in the background that a simulator does, plus it has to handle all the touch-events, sensor data, cell network stuff as well. The simulator also tries to limit it spec, but the computer running the simulator will make the simulator itself much faster.


another thought: if the software uses external resources which the simulator mocks (mimmicks) for your, latency in accessing those when using the real thing can also cause slowdowns you don't experience when using a simulator.
Think network congestion, disk access, etc.

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