I really want to create a game or an app for android and I was wondering if you guys can give me an advice?

I'm still learning java; I'm good but I'm not a pro(still in college). Do you think that I should keep working on java tell I'm really good or do both?

Do you have any books/website recommendation for programming for android?

Some people say that you need to have good math skills and things like that. I'm currently taking linear Algebra and Calculus III. Is that enough or do I need to learn 3d mathematics and if yes what books would you recommend.

I rather the game or app be in 3d but since I'm starting off I know I can't create something that good for now

Do you have any other advices?

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Well I'd say continue learning Java. It is a long process before you can begin to make games and applications it is not going to happen in a month or even a year. Take my advice on that! For the maths I am not really sure, I know programming does require a lot of maths, but you should know basics, adding, subtracting, fractions, algebra and yeah geometry. I doubt you would need to be some kind of mathematician. For books I don't know any, but this one seems to be good:


and there are some good Youtube tutorials here:


And think Google have made some too so check those out. However let me tell you know it is a long way before you start making any games, I still have not made anything for windows phone! (Windows Phone is much easier since you got all the tools :))

3D might be a bit of a hard start: if you want to begin coding for any device, i'd start with something simple first, maybe a simple app with basic information, then a side-scrolling game.
try building up, trying small parts at a time: get started on making SOMETHING work on android, maybe get to know dalvik VM better.
if you feel your java is still too limited for apps, try something like Titanium developer: it takes javaScript and translates it to something OS-specifc.

as far as programs go, you'll need to install the java SDK, and the android SDK (in that order). it might/will give you issues, so prepare to google :)

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