Hello everyone. I need a solution for a COMPLETELY FREE game development combo for 2D/3D games and i can't figure out what is best.
Does C/C++ (with MS Visual C++ Express) and Direct3D combo do the trick? Are there any licensing issues? Or can u write (and possibly SELL) games without any hassle with it?
Feel free to recommend any other languages (preferably Java/C/C++/C# but not neccessarily), libraries, IDEs and engines that do the trick. Thank you.
p.s. i'm on Windows7 and games must also run on Windows.

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You can use OpenGL, that's free. There are also many different free libraries and engines available. One such, which I like to use for 2D games (can also be used for 3D) is Allegro, That's a C/C++ programming game development library which handles bitmaps and such splendidly. Also, there was another 3D library available, OGRE 3D and Irrlicht

Hope this helps! (And I used DevC++ [bloodshed] for my compiler)
http://alleg.sourceforge.net/ (You can download this from the devpak community for DevC++, but it's not the latest version, only the most stable release)

One of the easiest frameworks to use is microsofts XNA and C#. It is free to develop for the windows platform(and sell) but if you want to move into the console market, it will cost like 100quid to get your game on xbox live.

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