I am currently working on developing my own code for fractal image
compression. I've been used to programming in C++ through an
ancient Borland compiler and a frame grabber both of which have
recently croaked. It's time to modernize.

I need a simple piece of graphics software that will:

1) have a function that can return the RGB values in 24 bit color for
any pixel I call for
2) have a function that can display any pixel I call for in RGB 24 bit color
3) the software must be operable in a Windows 98 S.E. 32 bit plat-
form containing visual C++ 6.0

That's all there is to it. I can do the rest. Software like this used to exist.
Is there anything like this out there these days?

This is a request for help from a frustrated mathematician who only likes
computers for their speed and memory. I take that back, the internet
is also way cool.

Many thanks in advance
Mark Phillips

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Try using OpenGL, if you have the guts to learn it you should be able to accomplish what you are describing.

Good Luck

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