Hi to all this is my first post out here so heres my problem

I bought a mp3 last weekend and is brand name is EKON with 1GB so very well it was starting fine them i went out when i came back it was on the lcd screen "starting..." and it didnt turned on! Then i upgraded the firmware but a didnt knowed the serial and the color onde the lcd kept changing and chaging ive tried every thing every firmware but my mp3 doesnt live i need help!!!:mad:

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make sure your putting the right firmware on. reformat your mp3 player. if you don't know how to do it:

1. go to my computer

2. right click on your mp3 player and select format.

3. drag any music flie to it.

4. disconnect properly

5. listen to it.

if that doesn't work, then take it back to the store and tell them to give you a new one.

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