hi, I write flash games, usually i do it for web sites but now i have to make flash game for CD. My employer want me to make an installer which will write files on disk, how to do this? i mean what soft do you usually use for this, and the second question is how should look the architecture of my application, i mean should i make one big file exe, or can i do it like i usually do my things for the web i mean lots of swf files and one menu file as exe?

thanks for any advices


Hi, usually when i write flash games i export them onto CD for later but then i need to compile it some how. there are many installers that automatically do this for you. Magic shielf installer is self contained and compiles all the files into one installer EXE.

this can be handy for when on a cd. if you wanted to autorun it, im sure normal autorun allows you to autoinstall it running from a CFG file.

hope these links help :)


thanks a lot for a replay, ive got another question for flash developer ;), how would you solve the problem of recording sound in a flash application on CD?

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