Hello! :) It's my first time here.

I don't know why GLSL is better to Nvidia Cg! :( I'm working on skeletal animation in GPU. With Nvidia Cg it's just fine, but when I try to use GLSL, just don't work!
I'm using a Nvidia card in my new computer. In many blogs, many people say that Nvidia Cg don't work in ATI cards, but in my old ATI card it works!! For me GLSL don't work neither in my old ATI card neither in my new Nvidia card!

Why Many people say that GLSL is better than Nvidia Cg? I don't understand!! :(

Please answer to my question.

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YYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! :))))) Now I can already use GLSL!!! In skeletal animation, in shadow mapping, and in skeletal animation and shadow mapping together!!! You're right! GLSL is better than Nvidia Cg!!! :)))))

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