Hello everyone

I know that my question may be asked before by many people

I want to start learning programming games. Have knowledge of the language C, C ++, C-Sharp, and a little Java.

Since considerable length of time and I want to start in this field programming games and programming GPU I do not know how to Begin. Any good books to teach the principles in this field. I do not how to start so I need to be provided by list of books to start with that teach you the principles go professionals ones

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You might want to search for game engines. there are quite a few of them and also supports a number of languages, so i am sure who will find a engine that has support for the languages you already know. Unity is a tool that lets you program in C# and javascript. jMonkey is java based.


Thanks for reply

I was asking for books that can teach me the principles and the fundamentals to be my start point to go


You could see this book to begin,

What you mainly need to focus are
Finite state machine in games development
Pathfinding ( Dijkstra's_algorithm and others...)
Design patterns ( although recorded for actionscript, these video tutorials are cool, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0P8q0gWsR8&list=PLj_1FhRbJP_LEWYWJh3-OEkI-JegU5oMM

The videos basically explain design patterns in Games development environment
very important areas covered.

You ll need to see socket fundementals multi player games and TDD(many developers still think TDD doesn t work for gamers - not sure why!!)

Hope this helps

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If I were you, I would start working on improving your logic skills before diving into more complex game development and working with engines.

start with 2D games and do some simple game like breakout. you may do using ascii graphics first so that you are not overwhelmed learning too many things at once


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jmonkey has tons of examples and it's already embedded on their ide..

you need to learn 3d modelling

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