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We have a project about robotics, robotic arm. The robotic arm will be controlled by computer, and will send information at which position it is instantenously. According to the data that is sent from the robotic arm the simulation will happen. And I am responsible for computer part, I tried to do it using XNA, but ,I guess, it will not work. After XNA, I looked for how to make it using DirectX, but , again I could not do it as I need.

So, I need your suggestions, If you did anything similar, could you help me to do this ?

Take care

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I said neither XNA nor DirectX will work. Because I need to add buttons, text boxes, and communicate via serial,that is port RS-232, etc. . But I could not do this , because I add tools from toolbox Visual Studio has, which is on the left side of the screen.
So, My program will be based on windows forms applicaiton, which user will be able to select the baud rate at least, I cannot control it myself ,that is I am not so good.


1. use win32 with directx
2. use win32 with opengl
3. use java with opengl.

4. make a wrapper of win32 in c++ of the things you need, and use either opengl/glut or directx


Thanks a lot.
But isn't there anyway to do this in c#? Because I am not so good in C++.


Besides, I need to communicate via RS-232, serial port. It is so easy in C#, If there is a way in C# to develop a simulation program it would be great. To do this I will need to run two different projects together, or assemble them in one project. I saw that there are projects done using both XNA and DirectX, but they are just game programs which get no data from textboxes or serial port, usb etc.
So, what can I do?

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