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tl;dr: I want to write a program to generate 2D graphics for a Metroidvania.

I need to make art for my 2D platformer. I need it to layer well within a parallax engine. I need the tiles to blend well with their neighbors.
But... I have the artistic skills of a brain-damaged hamster.

But I can do math. I can learn L-systems and other fractals. I can write code.

This link describes applying a tilemap to make the tiles nicely together and would work wonderfully in a proceduerally generated tile-map engine:

And that's great, but I still need to figure out how to make the actual tiles. For now, I'm going to use tilesets I can buy and d/l from OpenGameArt,etc., but I'd like to generate my own. Any thoughts?

I'd need to write code to handle things like rocks, grass, gravel, caverns, etc.

Now that I think about it, Blender has an orthographic projection mode that might work. Anybody know any good tuts for making tiles with that?

Any tuts for anything? Help is appreciated.