hello I am new here, I am ineresting which is best programing language to make flash games. thanks

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For flash game you will need to learn AS3. But I wouldn't bother as this technology is dying if not already dead.

As much as I hate to say it, Flash is perhaps becoming obslete. I still do know a number of programmers who create games in flash, but they're using ActionScript2 (AS2) rather than ActionScript3 (AS3).

It might be true tha Flash itself is going away, but there are many languages whose syntax are derivatives of ActionScript, such as HaXe, which is used in engines like Stencyl, which itself creatives native flash applications.

This may be the resources you are looking for:



For developing flash games OpenFL with haxe is very nice.

As for the flash is dying post:
A lot of flash game developers are switching to Unity. It has the visual editor like flash, you can code in Javascript or C# both very easy languages and also you have the posibility to export your games for android, ios, pc, linux and many more

I have been a flash game developer for 4 years and for 1 and a half years i switched to unity once it got the 2d update.
I strongly suggest you give it a try, it's worth it :)

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