Hi,Happy new Year to all.
I have USB Flash disk which stoped working recently I hope the problem is due to the fact that I was doing Disc Fragmentation and Cleanup while it was plugged in,after wards it started to ask Me to format it and here is an interesting thing all the Defragmentation and Cleanup were done on windows and so in windows it asks Me to format but in linux it doesnt redy/detect at all! Is there a way I can do its 16 GB TOSHIBA.
Thank U in advance

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The first question is are you doing a quick format or not. If the USB filesystem becomes corrupted a quick format, which basically just deletes the entries in the Master File Table, will not fix it. Uncheck the quick format option and try it again and if it works then you should be fine. If not then it is probably time to buy a new USB.

May be your USB is broken.

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