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Hey guys,
I am new to the community so I wanna say thanks in advance for the advice. I am 20 years old and very interested in game developement. My programming background is limited as I have only been practicing for about a year total now and in scattered time while I was deciding what degree I wanted to pursue in college. However, now I have settled on computer science and in the future would love to get into game design but I got a long road ahead of me. So, my questions is where do I go next? My knowledge thus far consist of beginner and intermediate programming concepts (OOP and data structures w/ abstraction) that was the main focus of my two programming courses thus far in my degree, all coding was done in Java with the Netbeans IDE.

I am looking into some self-learning stuff for C++, because it was my next preference in languages, along with choosing a scripting language to learn.

Is C++ a good choice? (From reading other forums I heard this varies).
What would be the best tools I could use?
Should I stick with an IDE of sorts or try doing it unguide in something like Notepad++?
Any resources people personally use would be nice to know of as well?

As far as the game I am looking to create starting with something simple would be nice I want to purse big game series production like Halo, Gears of War, Fable, etc. So something toward the foundation of those sorts of games would be nice. I am saving learning how to work with online stuff for later I am looking for practice right now, I will work on something worth showcasing in the near future hopefully :)

My reason for starting a personal forum is because I read with other forums it helps to start your own and give background info instead of piggy-backing on someone elses forum.

Again thanks in advance,

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