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Hey. I've been working on a home brew game since late last year, writing an engine in Haskell and GLSL that includes 3D graphics, basic physics and programmable game logic. The version in the second video shows the first appearance of lighting and importation of OBJ files (the cube was made in Blender). I'm aiming to do a 3D remake of the game ZZT, a bit like these guys did with Sonic the Hedgehog. The game logic can be programmed using a scripting language I made called Game Programmable Logic Controller (GPLC), which allows for the switch and lift interaction in the first video. Much more complex systems and puzzles could be built. The next steps are adding non - player characters and further logic such as game saving. I'm going to eventually release this open source, after the remaining mountain of work with unknown duration. If anyone is interested in contributing to level design or sound let me know. I guess it's a long shot, but some people may like learning semi - arcane custom processes for the fun of it.


Demo clip 1

Demo clip 2