Hello! I always wanted programming my own games, but i dont know where to start. At school im coding in C, and i read a lot that some people suggest C++, but i dont know. Your ideas? I would like to make a 2d game , which will be also online. Is C++ good and what i need for it except programming language? Thanks

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C++ is an object-oriented language which allows much more complex applications to be written in a shorter period of time than C. You can model the structure and behavior of the "things" you are dealing with using classes and inheritance with much less programming. You should do some reading about object-oriented programming in C++. There are tonnes of online resources and tutorials for that.

Hi Apolonian,
What kind of online game would you like to make? You say 2d, but don't give much more information beyond that. How do you plan your online interactions to work?

Like rubberman said, C++ can be used and is a good language but there are other options out there that might be better suited for your needs.

http://www.cprogramming.com/game-programming.html - C++ game programming tutorial/guide

Say, if you mean online as in a 'browser game'; you could look into learning how to write with HTML5 and canvas, possibly even using PHP and an SQL backend for data storage (which you'll most likely end up using anyways if you're thinking about an 'mmo' type game).

https://jadendreamer.wordpress.com/pits-of-doom/ - Pits of Doom PHP and MYSQL 2d browser game tutorial

There are also a lot of existing engines and frameworks that already exist that you can use for a 2d 'online' game, such as: UNITY, TORQUE, UNREAL (paper 2d), and more. A lot of these are free and have tons of tutorials and resources out there for you to learn from.

http://unity3d.com/pages/2d-power - Unity (free, but can upgrade to professional)
https://www.garagegames.com/products/torque-2d - Torque (free under MIT license)
https://www.unrealengine.com/what-is-unreal-engine-4 - Unreal (free until a certain amount of revenue)

Hope you have fun learning something, feel free to come back here if you have any questions! :)

Thanks for both of your answers, in fact, im not really experienced programmer- Ihave experiences only with Pascal[learning language], C and html a little bit-so i know how some of the algorhitms work and i really like to solve the problems and make my own little programs(but little, very little and maybe dumb)- and thats why i´ve decided to start learning some really strong language which will help me to create my own game. I have a book of C++, but teaches me just basic things like cycles etc. Your link with the guide is really nice and i think that it will be very useful for me.

I dont want to make a browser game, i would like the game normal with PC client, but im just getting into it, so dont know a lot about how it works, how it starts.. The only thing what i have are many of ideas in my head.

Also, if i can say, i like the style of game Spiral Knights - i know it was made in Java, but i like the engine. And ive got another question - do you guys think that 2d/pixel games have still future in game industry? I cant help but i really like the oldish pixel style in games, but dont know how will people act .

@Apolonian. YES. Just look at what's on Steam and 2D scrollers etc. that look like throwbacks to the days of Pong to DK are still there.

So hello again guys, after a long time, im here again ) . After long reading lot of blogs, topics, watching videos etc. i´ve decided to start with a Java and then go to C++ ( i know basics of procedurall programming, but OOP looked a lot harder than Java) . Read a book, watched lot of tutorials on Youtube to introduce me to OOP and i think i know the basics.

As i know Java is great for Android, i would like to start with programming games for Android as a start and then start programming games for PC, wanted to try read some books on the internet, but every of them just shows lines of codes, use new methods, new classes and explain maybe half of them(or they just say they use OpenGL and put thousands of codes without explanation). Have you guys some tips for me how to start? Or where? Thanks for your responses!

10 months ago here, I posted this:
I am working on remaking dragon warrior 3 an older rpg for the nintendo. Are you into any programming? I wrote this thing in AutoIt but if I ever complete the multiplayer on single machine I'll rewritte it in C++. I just want to finish the outline in AutoIt first.


Yestarday video update:
Single player on single machine has been scraped until Net-Multiplayer is completed.

Any thoughts?

Hey good luck and please feedback.

Hmmm... how about trying Game Maker engine first

Hm online 2d? For real? Don`t want to hurt you but probably this idea would not be really popular. 2d is way too old.

GameMaker is great choice for making a 2d game. You can find many tutorial and forums post online to help you learn. GameMaker does have a free version but you can only create a game for windows with it. GameMaker uses it's own language call GML, it is not commplicated at all honestly if you have used any language based on C it is very easy to learn.

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