I'm looking for a new laptop. I have no use for a desktop as I already have a ps4, but need a laptop fro gaming on the go
I'm looking for the following features

  • NVidia gtx960m or better( a second intergrated card as well- intel hd 520 or better)
  • good battery life 5hrs or more
  • a good i5 cpu or i7
  • 8 or 16gb ram
    -2gb graphics
    -14 inch or 15inch screen


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id like it to be under $2500
(AUS dollars)

You might not have much luck. Some of those specs are contradictary...

For example, a GTX960m has a TDP of 65W. That means that the battery must provide up to 65 watts of current, and the laptop has to reject 65 watts of waste heat. By comparison, most mobile processors from Intel are 35W TDP parts. This means that there will be a lot of copper heat sinksin the laptop (which make it big and heavy) and the battery life will be much shorter (since the laptop uses so much more power).

That being said...check out companies like Sager. They have laptops with the performance you're looking for. But they run close to your maximum price at the low side, are phat and heavy, use massive ~250 power adapers, you can watch the battery gauge move, and double as space heaters.

commented: but switching the graphics to the interegrated graphics allow for longer battery life +1
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