Hello All. First of all,thank-you to all who replied with advice on my dilemma. 'Unable to compile OpenGL code.' Much appreciated and after extensive searching I was finally successful running a small piece of openGL sample code through Visual C++. What a hoot, what a joy!:)

Unfortunately though, I then tried compiling another block of code, this one comprising the term 'glVertex' and no prizes for guessing. ERROR!!!
Error 4430 -int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default -int.
What have or haven't I done. This is becoming extremely frustrating and my PC's lucky it's still in one piece. Could someone please set me straight??:mad:

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If the code is small enough you can try to post it here and pointing out the line on which error occurs or post the sample function is code is too big.

Also if you don't know, there is a datatype which is used in place of int in the OpenGL functions which accept int and it is GLint or something like that.
Try it and see if it works and if dont post your code snippet.

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