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>Is using Glut with OpenGL still popular and recommended?
Pretty much. GLUT certainly isn't dead, is a good way to make OpenGL programs portable with very little code, and it's a great way to start out with 3D graphics programming.

As you gain more experience and your programs become more complex, you'll find that GLUT is too limited for many types of input, and you'll want to switch to something slightly more powerful -- SDL comes to mind.


You should also look at AllegroGL. It allows you to use all the useful features of Allegro (SDL and Allegro are alike) and OpenGL together. I use it because I already know Allegro.

(Hopefully this doesn't start an Allegro vs. SDL war)


>Hopefully this doesn't start an Allegro vs. SDL war
Judging by the number of people here who use either, I'd say the chances of such a war happening are slim to none. ;-)

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