Hello all, very first post here so don't be surprised if i ask too many stupid questions and whatnot :P

Firstly I should point out that I am an Artist and really dont know much about anything computerish apart from photoshop and illustrator. Animation and 3D modeling does however look very nice and appealling but for the moment IF i can do it it will strictly be as a hobby, i have no desire to go around trying to make full fledged computer games or animated movies.

Mkay so basically what I would like to know is can you construct 3D models without programming knowledge? Or rather, do I need to go out and take a course in programming to make 3D models or can i just pick it up as I go along?

Is 3D animation/modelling actually programming based or there are tools out there that enable you to have literally no programming knowledge but still create models using a sort of virtual sculpting program etc?

BASICALLY is 3D modeling an elite skill that only high level programmers can tackle or can anyone jump in and give it a go?

I did google the subject and seems there is alot of software out there for it, any particular recommendations for an Easy to Use one to get started?

But yes Id like some advice before i go out and blow x$ on this software only to find that it is way way over my head and I cant use it or make any sense of it at all. Poor Arts student :$

So thanks guys any input would be greatly appreciated!

>can you construct 3D models without programming knowledge?
Yes. The art of creating 3D models has little or nothing to do with the actual programming of a game that incorporates the 3D models into it.

Probably the easiest one to start learning on is Wings3D. The interface is quite simple, and so it's not got a huge learning curve. As you get more advanced, you'll want something more powerful. A few production-level modelers include Maya and 3D Studio Max (both made by Autodesk), and the open source Blender. A word of warning, while Blender is equally capable as other 3D modelers, it has a much greater learning curve and you probably will want to spend lots of time familiarizing yourself with the keyboard shortcuts and so forth.

3d modeling has nothing whatsoever to do with programming. This goes for the animation of a rigged model as well. All it takes is patience and perseverance.

Of those mentioned above blender is the one you should go for if you are interested in an all round 3d package for no cost whatsoever. What makes the learning curve steep is the fact that no one I know uses any buttons to draw with. It is all keyboard shortcuts. But because of that it is incredibly flexible and fast.

Oh and it has a really good game and physics engine as well. I used it to make a simple 3d game.

Thanks for taking the time out to share this with the world. I really appreciate this. Keep doing what you're doing.

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Nowadays 3D modelers are used in a wide variety of industries. In every field animation is there.
I also used to make small 3D projects with my friends.Choosing the right 3D program is not an easy one.
The new version of 3d Max offers a so much updates to a popular application.

3D modeling and animation has nothing to do with programming
If you know photoshop and illustrator it is perfect, because you`ll need them for textures.
For software, I suggest 3d max

3D modeling and animation has nothing to do with programming
If you know photoshop and illustrator it is perfect, because you`ll need them for textures.
For software, I suggest 3d max

Obviously you have no idea what you talking about. Many of things can be achieved programatically and are done that way. You just posted for sake of showing of your signature links that is all otherwise you would seen post by John A.

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