Hi! I'd like to ask for some graphic advise (I think game development is similar to image processing). So my question was which could be the best language to simulate (maybe with movement) biological molecules and chemistry stuff.

Thank you!

c++ with either directx or opengl.

Quite simple once you get into it.

c++ with either directx or opengl.

Quite simple once you get into it.


C++ with DirectX of OpenGL is certainly a viable possibility - if you are comfortable with C++.

Other options would be Java with JOGL (binding for OpenGL), C#, or perhaps even Python with PyOpenGL.

It really depends on your programming background and what languages you feel comfortable with.

Well if you are going to use C++ and OGL/DX then there is going to be a bit of code to write. OpenGL would be easier as it's less confusing and has a cleaner api.

If you just want to show off molecules and not really interested in making a program ..... you could try Luxinia ..... which uses a scripting lanuage called lua to do everything...

as a user you do not need any compilers but purely work with the high-level language Lua to code your projects. The engines design goals were:

Check it out

By the way, do you recommend me using a visual program to develop the application(I've seen in some posts about programs to develop 3D stuff) or just code in cpp+openGL?

The simulation won't require any display code, the display code won't require any simulation.
While you may optimise the display code for specific data, it should never be mixed into the code that generates that data.