Hello all!

I installed a j2me prgram into Nokia N95 8GB and tested that.
It works properly. But after a few minutes, the screen of my Nokia phone showed nothing and black as it was shut off. But I can see the light on the soft button and select buttons ( not on the keypad )
I thought that it might be because of low battery power. But After charging for a few hours, it is still the same. I pressed the power button. But the screen was still black as it was shut off and the buttons are still the same.
What is the problem?

Can Virus be the reason? If so, how can I solve that problem? The computer even does not know that device anymore and ask me to check whether the phone was locked or not.

Please help me.

1. Application doesn't handle correctly pause state and is unable to recover or shutdown. If you developer who wrote it you should look into it. In case you are not developer then step 2
2. If phone would not shutdown through soft switch off then do it the hard way. Take out batter give it 5-10 seconds to consume any energy stored in the device and then place battery back and start

In case this doesn't work you will need to take it back to your seller/mobile operator for repair