Hai friends,

I am a PHP developer and I likes JAVA also. I likes to study mobile application development ( iphone and symbian ) .... I am not aware about which is the suitable course for that purpose ....

I am expecting a helpful advice ....

Thanks in advance

Java ME - was OK, but latest SDK 3 did not brought nothing new so it is becoming sort of obsolete
iPhone - never did any application, I sort do not like idea of creating apps in mix up of CSS, JavaScript, objective C and some cut down version of C++, plus Steve Jobs make life hell with more and more restrictions from version to version
Symbian - was now open to community, but it gone take them good 2 years to get on their feet as Symbian become sort of C++ junk yard
Android - catching up on iPhone flashy apps. Quite lot of previously Java codding was moved down to XML configuration/resources files, it is open community and you can publish your product on many Android Market sites and user will decide on quality not some money in Apple store that didn't get his banana and think you app is crap without looking at it