Hi all,

I was looking to make an android app that gets data from a C# wcf server - at the minute I can pull some basic data and they are communicating - however what is the best way to create an app like this? I know that networking operations can't be run on the main thread, and I haven't had much luck (or see how it could be done/be useful) to start a new thread each and everytime something needs fetched :S

Is it possible to create a service that runs in the background and updates the main app?

Any help or advice is much appreciated :)

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search on youtube, maybe can find :)

Your server side should be working like website/web application listening for specific HTTP request. Then it should process request and return data in som form. The easist would be return the reply as JSON object that is simple to use in Android. If however you will be returning set of document formats, you should put it in ZIP file and forward it to device for download. Once download finished there are methods in android that enables you to extract ZIP and get hold of documents