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I want to create a very simple app. it's not a game, but it has some similarities to a game visually, for example there won't be any buttons or text..
I started following a book on android development but I felt like it was not teaching the things I need to make this app.. so I tried to follow some basic game tutorials like tic tac toe, and again I realized that I'm no where closer to knowing how to do what I want to do..
so I need some guidance on what to read, what stuff to learn..or anything else that might help me.
the basic idea of what I want to do is this-
I want to have a background image of some texture like wood- that should be simple, I just set background image right?
on top of that layer I want to have another image of some sort of container, like an open box or something like that. this is simple too.
now, the rest of the space on the screen will have tiny objects laying around, lets say rocks. there might be 10 of them, or 50+ (and they will look different from one another).. I still haven't decided if I want them to be in a pile on the side of the box, or just separeted randomely around the box..
now to the part that is "game-like"- I want the user to drag the rocks into the box, or maybe even simpler- the user just touches the rock and it jumps inside the box on it's own (adding sounds would also be nice). but I don't want it to look 1 dimantional and lame.. I want there to be some kind of animation, where the user moves the rock and the rock looks like it's falling inside the box and it's not just an image on top of 10 other images of rocks.. so the rocks sorta pile up on top of each other nicely inside the box and there is a depth feeling to it. also I want some kind of bar that fills up with each rock that is put inside the box.

that's pretty much it..I just don't know where to start.. are there some special tools/libraries for doing simple animation? I've been using eclipse so far, and I don't know if it was meant for developing games actually.
so far I've been thinking about just making a bunch of box images, like 1 img of empty box, 2nd of a box with 1 rock, 3rd with 2 rocks, etc.. and then on each click of a rock image, the rock image disapears and the box images changes to an image with +1 rock.. but I'm missing the animation part of the movement of the rock into the box..

maybe someone can point me to a tutorial that does something similar?

You need to read on game development as it explains how drawing works in Android. However you still would need basic knowledge of Android.

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