I am thinking about studying about mobile development... and I want to get an editor for the iPad. I thought about DietCoda, Koder, Gusto, or textastic... what is the most prefered choice out of all of them? Probably DietCoda since it is the updated version of coda 2?

And if there is any apps that will help with development please mention them so i can consider purchasing them :)...

(please don't tell me to do my own research... I am! ;) )

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I don't know anything at all about mobile development, but I code DaniWeb in Coda 2 for what it's worth.

I do mobile dev but the other side of wall with Android. I like products from JetBrains like IntelliJ IDEA that is for Java and Android development, seen their WebStorm in action which was very nice, so maybe their AppCode could be nice. However only commercial licence available for it

Realy it's kind of a mis question. You don't develope iphone or ipad apps on the ipad. Apple hasn't made that tool. You need to use XCode which is a free program for macs. XCode allows development for both ios and native mac apps. This does bring up an issue as you do have to own a mac to develop for ios. The cheapest line of macs is the mac mini and you can probably get a refurbished for 600 or so i'd guess but i havent checked prices recently.

XCode is a huge program in what it does. Like a lot of what apple does it is interesting to use. This is the core development tool that Apple deploys to developers.

I was looking for an app that is a code editor that you can use on the tablet :) not to develop apps on iPad.

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