Hello guys,

For my final year project I decide to develop an app for android. I have done some research and stuff for first semester
and have to present the working app at the end of second semester. To be honest I'm not that great developer however
I'm still interested in this but I worrying I might not finish this on time.

So, my idea for application is based on the global event search app like http://www.eventbrite.com/, at least its mobile version.
My app will be targeted just for students and staff and will gather all the events that are going to happen in college area.
Basically, student launches the app, and can decide to choose the events from two buildings, Main Campus or
new building for computing and multimedia department or to show all the events in a list view. Scroll down the list, if he or she like
the particualar event the sign up option will be available. Of course there will be a create edit and remove event options as well.

My idea is to create a mysql database, and retrieve the info from this db by the web service or something like that. And here the steps
are getting higher. I don'l realy know how I might implement this. I would like to limit just to java, mysql and services but most of the stuff
I google also include PHP scripts and that's where I don't really want to go to. So as far my reading go, this is based on SAOP and/ or
kSAOP2 android libraries. Everything this is wrecking my head.

Could someone explain me how this can be done? Am I heading in good way? I don't ask for code. Just some tips!

Thank you!!!

Could be simplier then that. Let server gather resources and store it in database. From device execute URL with some search parameters myurl.com/search?city=london&eventtype=android. Server queries DB, DB produces results, server convert it to JSON object and send it back. Android device process JSON and show result to user

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