Hello.. I'm thinking to create an android apps.. but I have a question on how to online the apps? for example updating the info or data. and updates some news about the weather. is there a server to online the apps?

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I'll have to check or you can do an online search for it. But what you are looking for is an xml feed of the data. Then you can parse the xml for what you are looking for. I believe both yahoo and google has xml feeds like this and probably other sources too.


@djones60 looking for XML feeds old school, cool kids play with JSON
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@leogem you have to be more clear on what service you want to provide, but in general you can work with JSON objects easy to query for and even easier to handle. As djones60 said there is XML from feed. This is little old school plus the processing time is longer then with JSON given device specs. There is also possibility of data mining with libraries like JSOUP where you take whole page and run data extraction on specific block possible on device but is time consuming so it is better if it is done by remote server.

You can get test of either from Daniweb API that enables you to either play with XML or JSON

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