I'm currently working on my final year project and i have to present my evaluation in 10 days. The only task which is left is to connect my android application to a database through WIFI.


I have to work on sqlite3, and currently I've Installed Navicat IDE for sqlite.

Event Contains:

Whenever i send or update any data from my application (Example: Entering Data into the textfield, or clicking a radio button) the database should be updated in the database server.

Can anyone give some idea regarding to this? That how can i do this? I want a well explained guide:)
Any references?
Kindly Reply as soon as possible.

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Do not mix up web development approach with mobile approach. Connectivity is your constrain. There are no guaranies that you wi-fi connection on mobile internet will be fast enough as to instantly query remove service.

Either allow for time delay while querying remote service, or work with sub-set of existing data.

There is no silver bullet...

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