hey, i have a project to do on mobile development n i came up wit the idea of having a helpline that is 24/7 for any type of emergencies. however i did not want it to be the typical "dial 999" application. i wanted it to work in ways if u cannot access ohone directly but still be able to call 999. i came up wit the decibel meter idea. for the scream to trigger off the call. however i wanted other tecchnologies since the decibel meter have some limitations. any ideas will be highly appreciated. thanks alot!!

Decibel meter's a definately a good idea. I can't seem to think of any other ways that you can trigger a auto rescue call that's also reliable and doesnt cry wolf.

i like the idea of the decibel meter but was thinkin in some cases they are warned not to scream or even cover the victims mouth. so wanted a 2nd option :/ .

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