Hello guys i have problem with my app, its all done but just need one more thing.. to run in background so it can start the alarm and send notification to the user... i saw much tutorials on internet but damn it i can't understand it is there some good men/woman to help me ?


I have created one more class called LocalService.java i extend it with Service and implemented theese methods onBind(), onStartCommand() and onDestroy(), on my MainActivity i have created the whole application which gets the coordinates of the user and updates automaticly so it will know when to start the task. The most important stuff is in onCreate() method, which is mMap.setOnMapClickListener ("mMap" is from private GoogleMap mMap;) also under this are mMap.setOnMyLocationChangeListener and mMap.setOnMarkerClickListener... BUT the task i want to start is mMap.setOnMyLocationChangeListener please someone help me how i can do this in the LocalService.java to run in the background...
Thank you