Hi again, i'm trying to put a background image in my button[i declare the button] ,
My database[ms access] , tbldishlist - name[text , Primary key], pic [ole object]

when the form is loading, the button's background is according to the name of the item.
here's my example:

Dim btn As New Button
btn.Name = "" & rd.Items("name").ToString()
btn.Text = btn.Name
btn.backgroundImage = "" & rd.Items("pic") 'error here


Unfortunately you cannot just set the background image property to the return value of reader("pic") whcih I assume at this point is a byte array (if you have saved the image to an Ole Object field).

Instead, you first need to convert the value of reader("pic") to a byte array and then to an image. The following demonstrates this:

Dim imageBytes() As Byte = reader("pic")
Dim stream As New MemoryStream(imageBytes)
Dim buttonImage As Image = Image.FromStream(stream)

button.BackgroundImage = buttonImage

You will need to add Imports System.IO to access the MemoryStream.


@djjeavons, it says parameter is not valid @line 3, i already imports system.io


Which part is invalid on line 3, is it the declaration (i.e Image)?

Dim buttonImage As Image = Image.FromStream(stream)

Is the whole line underlined or a certain part? Can you provide a screen shot as I don't see why you should get any errors on that line.

heres the snapshot

Try something like

Button1.BackgroundImage = New Bitmap("d:\temp\test.jpg")


How was the image data stored in the database? I'm wondering if it is not a valid image (maybe corrupted somewhere).

Sorry. That should have been

If rdr.Read Then
    Dim imgdata() As Byte = rdr("pic")
    Dim str As New MemoryStream(imgdata)
    Button1.BackgroundImage = New Bitmap(Image.FromStream(str))
End If
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