Hello, all can anyone have some information on how to develop a simple iphone app..? (its for an FYP)

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err, no, no way, absolutely not
"This tutorial only works for Xcode 4.6 or lower." The current version is 9.2
and it uses Objective C rather than Swift, which was OK when that tutorial was written back in 2012, but not in 2018.

Why not go straight to the source and use Apple's own IOS developer training?

commented: So many tutorials now. Need to check expiry dates from now on! Thanks. +15

Hi Crystal

I clicked your link feeling very suspicious, but when I read the page I was really impressed. Absolutely excellent essential advice. It's terrifying how many people start to develop something by diving into an IDE and bashing out random code. I'm adding that page to my "essential advice for devlopers" list. Thank you.

Your welcome James :) im really happy to be a part of this comunity.

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