I have a web app already running on the web. It is web responsive. I want to make update of it. I hear good things about Ionic and i started working on Ionic 3 with Angular. Its almost finished. Now i need help to sinish and publish it.

I wanna ask these questions.

Do you think Ionic would make a difference or i just should updated my existing web app?
Is it better to use native apps/Hydrid or Web apps?


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These are questions that are often answered by:

  1. The company owner or those that will pay for the development.
  2. The developer if they are the are product owner and must find a way to get their app made.

My view is you start with a responsive web site and rarely move to an app since you would need both iOS and Android apps. For most that's a leap and they never do both (#2 or a developer+owner.)

There's also the problem that there is wariness to installing apps. Folk have less and less trust so unless you are Amazon or Walmart, folk may not seek out your app.

For now, today, make your web site work on mobile and if you do make an app, just sub launch the site.

Thanks rproffitt. What do you feel about Ionic?

As long as I can't tell it's used in the site, it's great. Whatever tool that makes the development easier for the developer.

But I do see you seeking out a lot of help for it. Maybe it's just not ready or support is lacking?

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