Recently i create the new static website with the help of web service providers.I need to show my website on Google while typing my domain name without http format.What are the basic SEO strategies to index the new website on Google Search Engine?

What do you want to rank for? Your company's name? Put it in the title, in the meta description tag, and as an H1 tag at the top of the page.

Use your domain name or company name as keyword and put it in Meta tags title, keyword and description. If content of website also includes company name/domain name then it will be advantage.

First of all register your domain and hosting for 5 years because of this google consider the this website remain long term and use white hat seo technique, use relevant keywords in your domain name, file name, root files, set title tag, meta description, meta keywords regarding your business website's flavor. Write fresh, descriptive and meaningfull content according to the proper keyword density, Use H1 tag for your desirable keyword. These are the On-page SEO techniques.
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Nice question. Everyone out there want to get rank in Google.

As a new website you can do following activity
1. Submit site on website evaluation sites like (
2. Start blog commenting on relvent topic, theme, business - as starter you just use company name in anchor text
3. Participate in relevant forum like if you're in Internet Marketing than start engaging on, etc.
4. Participate in inudstry related event, webinar or workshop.

I hope this all activity will help you out

SEO consist of two main parts:
Off Page SEO
First you need to improve your ON Page SEO, this will help you to get better ranks in Google.

Get a Google Webmaster Tools account
(set it up per onpage in structions)

follow the SEO instructions Googlebot, will give you = individualised instructions from the rule maker itself

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Do offpage and onpage SEO tecniques. Do submission in high pr sites.

As it is a new website, you have to follow some steps:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Proper and long Hosting
  3. Plan the Site architecture
  4. Mobile Friendly design
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Optimize title tags and URL's, content
  7. Meta Tags
  8. Submit your sitemap to google
  9. Images.

SEO Strategies for New Websites
Start With The Basics: Keywords, Content, & Usability. It is no secret that you need keyword-focused content and a site that is user-friendly to rank on Google.
Start Guest Blogging to Build Brand Awareness.
Develop Link-Magnet Content.
Form Real Relationships and Partnerships.

Choose Your Domain Name Carefully.
Select a Reputable Web Hosting Provider.
Perform Keyword Research.
Plan Out Your Site's Architecture.
Use a Mobile-Friendly Design.
Target Primary Keywords for Each Page.
Optimize Page URLs.
Optimize Title Tags.