Uninstall/reinstall or update Android Studio for this case...?

My Android Studio App hasn't been updated and used, for 3 years since September 2020,... on my Windows 11 Pro PC,...

Any idea about my question
Uninstall/reinstall or update Android Studio
I plan return to continue, in Android hybrid app development & TESTING, mainly Cordova CLI
And may involve in Ionic-app-development...
And may involved in native Android Development with Java & Kotlin...
Before 10 years i was developing Java Android Apps but stopped in 2-3 years since, as preferred PHP & Laravel web development...

If you need the disk space, why not?
If you don't need the disk space, why bother?

I mean i had done Java Android Development for 3 years, from 2010-2013.
After, turned to PHP and Laravel... and hybrid mobile apps.
Now, I wanted to update my two hybrid web apps, i developed with build.phonegap, but update these with Cordova CLI, may also consider Java and Kotlin again for new mobile native or/and hybrid applications.
Well, update vs uninstall/reinstall Android Studio app are any cons or pros, between, or basically the same results will be getting?

One of the reasons to keep Android Studio is the emulator. I used that a lot and even if I were to change Android devkits, I'd keep that handy.

Yes, basically Android Studio Android Emulator are cool, and almost accurate, but my question is not remove Android Studio but,
My Android Studio App is 3 years old without use it and without apply any update since, 2020 September
To update to latest Android Studio App, what do you recommend UPDATE or UNINSTALL-REINSTAL-FRESH...?

Having NEVER unistalled and reinstalled I can't answer what would happen. Update? So many times. I can't see any good reason to uninstall and reinstall fresh.
Maybe you know more than me on that point.

Thanks for giving me, your opinion!
I already have asked and Google Android Support... as soon as they reply, I will update this post here too!

As a user of PhpStorm IDE from JetBrains, if I skip 2-3 subsequent updates, I have to update in steps, 2-3 times e.g.
In other words apply if not all, then most updates that have been skipped
Do you know if Android Studio IDE is the same?
Or, can I download newer full version and do an update in place once installation, not many updates, just one time update from app executable?

I've only had Android Studio fail to update in one attempt. NBD (no big deal) as I clicked again on update and it finished. It's been over a decade of use for me and updates have been as Darth Vader says, "All too easy."

Do you have any idea, how many updates apply, to Android Studio to reach the current version… if had updated lastly September 2020, three years ago…?
One I idea is start updating, and if problems consider uninstalling and fresh install…

commented: No idea. I just click once to update. I don't monitor what it does. +17

Have you skipped an update, to jump to next of next, with applying update once only, even if you skipped it?

commented: I don't know the exact count after a year hiatus. Updates were "many." +0

To conclude:
I find this:
Update the IDE and SDK tools >
Update your IDE using JetBrains Toolbox
because I use 3 JetBrains IDEs --- this will be of huge help...

commented: Here I click the Update All and carry on. +17
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