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My laptop seldom leaves my house. When I am not using it I close the lid to put it into sleep mode. I also close the lid when carrying it to another room (or perhaps into the backyard hammock). This causes a minor inconvenience as every time I open the …

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I've got a Windows 11 laptop but I need to set it up as a dual boot for Windows 10. The only dual boot I've ever done was Linux/Windows, I've never done a dual boot windows/windows. Should I expect any issues? After installing the additional windows 10 will I still …

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In case you're wondering, VB6 programs run on Windows 11. Programs with a manifest have the appropriate Windows 11 appearance. The IDE works as well, although it seems to aggravate the known Windows 11 Taskbar flickering issue, but it settles down quickly. The only issue I have found so far …

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