Dear community members, I'm exploring the development of a real estate app and would love to tap into your expertise. In your experience, which programming languages and frameworks have you found to be most effective for building robust and feature-rich real estate apps?

Your insights and recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

For the web (since that’s my area of expertise): It depends on what the app will do. Certain programming languages and technology stacks are more suited for things like real-time messaging, for example. Other technology stacks might be more suited to searching big data (billions and trillions of records).

However, if it’s just a simple interactive website, or even something such as what powers DaniWeb, it doesn’t make much of a difference. It comes down to the skill set and expertise of your development team, since most of the “magic” is in the front-end javascript, and that will be the case no matter what backend language is chosen.

However, I do notice you’re posting specifically asking about mobile development, which I’m afraid is out of my wheelhouse. If you’re writing an iOS app, then I suspect objective-c. If you’re writing an android app, I’m afraid I’m not sure what native languages it supports.

However, I do know there are frameworks nowadays where you only have to write one app and it can deploy across both iOS as well as android.

I’ll leave someone better versed than myself in mobile development to more properly answer this question.

commented: For IOS Swift is replacing/ has replaced Objective C +16

For Real Estate App Development, Python and JavaScript are commonly used programming languages. Python is excellent for data analysis and backend development, while JavaScript is crucial for frontend development. Popular frameworks include React Native and Flutter for cross-platform mobile apps and Django or Ruby on Rails for web applications. Incorporating APIs for property listings, maps, and geolocation enhances the app's functionality and relevance in the real estate industry.

Well, if you are looking to know about which programming language is best for you then I will recommend you to choose any one programming language in between Python, JS, Java and PHP secondly if talk about framework then you can with any popular framework such as React, Angular, Node.JS, Lavaral. Well, which one will be best for you it depends on your preferences.

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