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This topic has already been discussed here in the forum several times . You need to use the search box on top right side of the page for related discussions.


=pls help me about my inventory liabrary system

Please don't resurrect old threads. Start a new thread _after_ you search and be MUCH more specific about your issues.

That will help people respond more quickly to your question.



anyone who has a example of library system in vb please send it to my email
SNIP need the codes

Edited by happygeek: please do not ask for help by email


@Kimar, please read our posting rules here.

You have hijacked someone else's post, you have shown no effort, just asking for a project etc. etc. These are against our posting rules.

You need to open your OWN thread HERE.
Then show us what code you have so far, we will then help you streamline it, we do not do homework here, unless you are prepared to pay for the service.:)

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