Hi i'm a newbie c++ programmer so I don't know much about compilers.I have a c++7 and a bulit-in text editor but when I try to retrieve the bytes the variable "Bool" takes the error or warning message says that bool is an undeclared identifier should I try with boolean? Is my compiler ok? :rolleyes:and would someone please tell me the difference between borland turbo c++ and only c++...

Regardless of what you use to write your c++ code, you need a compiler to turn it into an executable. C++ 7? What compiler is that? The Borland Turbo C++ compilers/ides are really nice, and a lot more straight-to-the-point (IMHO) than Microsoft Visual C++, for example.

Basically, you're looking at IDEs, integrated development environments. They combine the editor (with syntax highlighting) and the compiler into one.

If you were working on a unix platform, for example, gcc is a c++ compiler, only. You would write the c++ code in a text editor such as emacs, and then compile the code in a terminal via g++ file.cpp

Copy/paste the code you're having a problem with in a new thread and I'll take a looksie at it. e.g.

bool myVar;