Hello experts. I have 2 vbp (namely Project1.vbp and Project2.vbp) I Group them into 1 Project, my problem is how can the user choose on what project they want to use using VB6?

My initial idea is when the user login a form will prompt, and the user will be given a choice w/c project to run the Project1.vbp or the Project2.vbp.. Please help me on this. tnx in advance

Solved the problem tnx to debasisdas.. By using SHELL i can call different Application..

i have some solution, change startup project to sub main

public userID as integer
public sub main()
dim frmLogin as new clsLogin
dim frmMain as form

frmlogin.show 1
if userid = 1 then
set frmMain = frm1
set frmMain = frm2
end if

frmMain.show 1

'') done,

end sub