Hi all,

Has anyone used the skin software in VB 6.0 because I would like to know one question? Now, I am using that software, Active Skin 4.3, in VB 6.0 program.
Whenever I start to run my program, it will show one message, "Trial version of ActiveSkin control", with a title, "ActiveSkin 4.3".
My question is that can I disable that message when I start my program? But, I also really want to use skin software.
Please give me some suggestions about it.

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Hi cometburn,

Thank you for giving a link to me. I will try it later because i get another problem in my software. So, I need to solve that problem first.


manifest file is easiest way.

Hi Jx,

I have already read about manifest file, but I don't know where I should put manifest code in my program.
Could you give me a way to do it?


put it in the same folder with your exe file and rename the manifest file as like your exe file name.
e.g : in same folder :
- Zawpai.exe
- Zawpai.exe.manifest