How to make a combo box read only ? N wat is the code to deactivate it ?

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ComboBox.Enabled = False ?

on combo box properties, set for DropDownStyle = DropDownList

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ComboBox.Enabled = False ?

Fist load combobox with values wat you want and then
set combobox dropdown property to dropdownlist


if you have noticed one can enter data into the combobox just like a textbox by typing directly into the interface. combobox.enable="tru/false"
just disables the user from entering data to the cmbox, what i think is the request is how to eensure that the user uses the provided options of which i dont know. however someone had suggested to me that changing DropDownStyle property to DropDownList migth do the trick!

Thank you guys! I just browsed for the code with read only combo box, then you helped me! Unexpectedly. :-* That's why i joined your community just to say thanks and hopefully to make friends! :)

on combo box properties, set for dropdownstyle = dropdownlist

thank you :)


I'm glad you got it helpful. If you want to ask question, start your own thread.

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