I have one that seems to be hard to find info on (with good reason).

I want to hook into Firefox and IE and detect when a user inputs a password and username, prompt the user, and then get that username/password combination, and the url of the website that it was input into so that they can be saved.

Now, before this thread gets deleted for obvious reasons, let me assure you as an upstanding member of this community that my intentions are not badly aligned. What I'm trying to do is an application that will, with the user's permission, store password information along with the site name. Feel free to suggest easier, less questionable means of doing this.

I would also like to know if it is possible to detect an https connection and "turn off" the function in that case.

I also would like to know if there is a secure way of tunneling this data from the plugin to an application that already resides on the user computer, so the application can send it to a secure store. By secure, I mean so that it's not possible for, say, an evil program to intercept and steal this data or change it any way.

Links to articles are welcome.

mmmm, let my think with you, I like such an idea, don't worry they won't delete this thread. I'll work on and reply with some info if got.

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