'language = Visual Basic 6

Public Sub CreatePlayList(ByRef songs() As String, ByVal name As String)

    Dim i As Integer

        Set listCollection = frmMusic.wmplay.playlistCollection
        Set list = listCollection.newPlaylist(name)
        frmMusic.wmplay.currentPlaylist = list

        For i = 0 To UBound(songs)
            Set wmpMedia = frmMusic.wmplay.newMedia(songs(i))
            frmMusic.wmplay.currentPlaylist.appendItem wmpMedia
End Sub
' I believe the above code will take my song array and create a playlist with
'the value of 'name'.

'Normally I play a single song with code similar to [wmplay.url = filename]
'Now that I have created a playlist, how do I play it?
'Thank you,