Hi all I am new to VB.NET and created a windows app in VB.net which connects to my sql server...
Now I have a html page in my localhost/geomap/index.html which contains mostly javascript....

Now I want to create a app in vb.net that would go through a recordset and place the answer in the text box in the localhost/geomap/index.html page and bring back the answer i get from that page to the database...

Now All I am asking is for someone to guide me on info or a sample code to start me off because I am totally confused on how to do this...

Can I take my javascript(index.html) page and place it in my window console application in vb.net and how?


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It's more complicated that you would think, but it isn't obscenely complicated. You can control the web browser by code. It will also require you to use a timer (at least I would be using a timer to look at the browser at specific intervals and to progress it through the various steps).

You need to start the project and ask a specific question, though, generally speaking DW users don't provide whole projects...

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