Hi :)

Iam preparing a report on VB6. I wish to have my report printed in the DOS mode using a DotMatrix printer.

How will I do it, since Iam not working on the command prompt. Is there any way to solve this issue? Are there any general rules irrespective of the tools used to undertake such printing ?

Any help/suggestion in this regard would be highly appreciated.



What you are using for Report Preparation ?(Data Report or Your own).
VB Has Printer Object to send data directly to the printer. U can also choose the printer in the list of printer. prn Command used for Print the Document in DOS Mode. I am not much know about that
If u use DateReport , it will manage the Printer

Example using Printer Object

Printer.Print "Hi Welcome to VB Printing"

Iam using Combit List&Label with VB6 for generating reports.How do I print directly in the DOS mode? Where do I make changes in the code? The user after making a bill has to press the print button after which the bill is generated from dotmatrix printer. Do you have any suggestions or sites where I could get help?

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