How to setup Borland C++ IDE Environment?

I've loaded the Borland C++, it went ok. Now what of the environment and the libraries, includes, and source directories.

Apparently, the obvious isn't working. The following is how I have things set:

Includes: c:\bc5\include ; c:\bc5\cpk6501\cpk6501\inc

Library: c:\bc5\lib ; c:\bc5\cpk6501\cpk6501\lib

Source: c:\bc5\output\intermed ; c:\bc5\output\final ; c:\bc5\source ; c:\bc5\cpk6501\source

final : c:\bc5\output\final

Now mind you that there's Borland C++ and a Toolkit/Programmers code from Lantronix, that's why there's two libraries and includes

I keep gettiing messages like this:
Info :Building...
Info :Compiling C:\bc5\demo1\firstcproj.cpp
Error: firstcproj.cpp(0,28):Unable to open input file 'firstcproj.cpp'

What is it that I'm missing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you need to add the path to your source path?

Info :Compiling C:\bc5\[B]demo1[/B]\firstcproj.cpp

Usually Borland c++ Version 5 does not need special configuration after proper installation from original (or even copied) CD, except one tries to install a plain disk copy of an already installed system.

Also samples usually have project files (*.bpr) which must be started instead of a source file belonging to a project. The project file knows all paths of the associated source files (.h, .cpp).


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