Hi everybody,

I need a little help. I have built a complex ms excel workbook that imports data from many single sheet ms excel workbooks. These workbooks are all located in one directory and are give a 7 digit name (ex. 1234567.xls). Note: the files are actually named by their finished stock code so there will be no pattern to the many file names in the directory. I would like my master workbook to automatically look in the directory and import all the data from from those workbooks. Now heres the problem. New files are created every day. I may be dealing with several hundred by the end of a fiscal quarter.

I tried using the Indirect.exe add-in but it is very slow and i am only testing with 5 files at the moment. it will probably crash if i try to use 300 files as I am planning.

I'm hoping someone has some stock vba code that will work for my situation or can easily point me in the right direction. I would perfer to stay in excel but I am not opposed to importing all files into Access so long as it's automatic and will look to each file for fresh data.

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


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If you found a way to do this, please share with me. I am doing the same thing and would greatly appreciate the help as well.

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