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Thanx...bt m havin another problem...
as per my project
"An employee can work under max 4 projects, each having different project id's. Now the problem is...m havin a form which includes the details of the project and there is another form having command btn as Project1, Project2..Project4.Whenever the employee will click on any of the command btn then the form including details of project will b shown."
Now please do lemme knw..that how to use the above coding (by JX-MAN) for all d 4 projects of frmprjlist as i do hav d same form for the detail of all projects (frmprojdetail).
Shall i go for the Array?..if yes then how?
Kindly help me out with this...
Thanx in Advance


¤ Here is an exampe:

10 frmGestionGroupe2.cmdRetour.Caption = "coucou"
20 frmGestionGroupe2.SetLaDate (calDate.value)
30 frmGestionGroupe2.Show 1

¤ Line 10 is probably what you want to do.
¤ Line 20 execute a public function of 'frmGestionGroupe2'.
¤ Line 30 display the form.

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